an ordinary city is an urban design consultancy aimed at bridging the gap between citizens and citymakers, and empowering people to make more humane cities.

we create projects and events directed towards the greater public to raise awareness about urban issues and vernacular cultures. we also help public and private actors engage communities in their urbanism and public spaces projects.



an ordinary city was launched in 2015 as an independent initiative aimed at sharing experiences of cities that were not from the « north » and contribute to their better understanding as ordinary cities, cities that have their specificities and own creative potential. it means overcoming overused oppositions: developed/developing countries, tradition/modernity and stopping to see them through a questionable hierarchy. the initiative gradually became multiform to promote better awareness about subjects linked to the life of/in our cities – urban planning, architecture, social sciences… we seek to address the case of common and unappreciated practices and representations, and understand their impact on the spatial and temporal mutation of the city. by coupling various angles and scales of analysis, we help our clients translate citizens’ needs and demands into more humane planning.     .


myriem – founder. Myriem is an urbanist and writer currently based in  Hong Kong. she collaborates as an editor, writer and researcher with architects and researchers based in Vietnam and Hong Kong. she first moved to Asia by settling in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015, eager to inquire into the socio-cultural mutations of a so-called “transitioning vietnamese city” in a post-socialist economy. there, she founded an ordinary city, and later :Playtime, the first festival dedicated to Ho Chi Minh City public spaces (2018, 2019). with a background in International Affairs & Middle-Eastern Studies (Sciences Po Toulouse, 2012) and Urban Design (Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, 2013), she cares to refresh debates on city-making by bringing comparative perspectives. likewise, she is very attached to grounding her professional practice to a culture infused by social sciences and their methodologies.

previous collaborators – stacey, phung, chau, ninh khanh.


an ordinary city was supported by:

  • the French Institute in Vietnam (:Playtime Festivals, Film Screenings, Talks),
  • the Danish Embassy in Vietnam (;Playtime Festival 2018),
  • Asia-Europe Foundation (:Playtime Festival 2018),
  • the American Center in Ho Chi Minh City (:Playtime Festival 2018).

we also partnered with: Krossing Over Arts Festival, Autumn Meeting, Out Of Frame! Festival, Salon Saigon, Hoa Sen University, RMIT University Vietnam.