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anxious landscape

‘For all its inconveniences, Laing was satisfied with life in the high-rise.’

– J.G. Ballard, High-Rise.

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an interview with shunri nishizawa

From the poetics of design to the dangers of current architectural trends in Vietnam, tale of a meeting with Japanese architect Shunri Nishizawa from NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS.

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727 tran hung dao

727 tran hung dao was a massive 8-towers housing estate meant to be demolished during the summer 2016. before that happened, I paid a visit to the building.

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saigon’s heritage according to its young architects

How many times haven’t I heard, since I landed in Saigon, complaints about how fast the city is transforming? I wanted to know what the Vietnamese youth, especially those who are meant to make the city, think about it. Tâm, Ha, Lê, Khoa and Viêt agreed to answer my questions. They are all from Vietnamese universities (HCMC school of Architecture and Van Lang University), except Viêt who studied in Japan and England.

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lesson from saigon: designing with the locals

Taking into account the failure of traditional urban policies to meet the needs of urban dwellers, more and more small-scale projects involving community design processes emerge.

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life project 4 youth: a story of social reintegration

Two young Saigonese women share their stories, from poverty to social reintegration.

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the memory of our cities

Ho Chi Minh City, Viêt Nam, is under spectacular urban renewal; in each and every district, (re)development projects are mushrooming. Yet as it seems to grow uncontrolled, the city’s identity is at stake. Here are a few thoughts about what makes the soul of our cities.

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different perspectives on street-vendors relocation

From Cairo, Surakarta to Ho Chi Minh City, attempts to relocate street-vendors are met with civil society claims to recognize their economic and urban value.

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in bangkok

photographic impressions of bangkok on film camera.

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a sunday in hong-kong

In Hong-Kong, Sundays are off for the majority of administrations and companies. Central districts, bustling by the week, are now evolving at a quiet pace. Yet, if white collars have deserted the streets, they’ve been replaced by another part of the population. Every Sunday, domestic workers take over the city’s public spaces to enjoy their rest day.

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