she’s the wonder-woman ensuring all movies have reliable vietnamese subtitles. without her, the movie nights would be meaningless. i thought you might want to know her a bit… and support her as she’s doing this voluntarily, on her rare free time.

hi guys, i’m tracy!

i’m a student in architecture at bac khoa university, ho chi minh city. i am a saigonese and i’m just in love with this city. i cherish every corner, street, food, people, you-name-it, that make saigon. i believe this is one of the main motivations that lead me to choose to become an architect: i want to design spaces for people, i want them to be happy when they use them. i like beautiful things – spaces, buildings, interiors or just nature – and i want people to live in a beautiful environment. i’m inspired by the work of architects such as tadao ando, norman foster, bjarke ingel.

i also watch a lot of movies and love genres such as horror or comedy. however, at the beginning,  it sounded weird to me to become the one who would translate the subtitles! anyways, i just did it because i thought it’s a good way for me to improve my english. it takes time of course and it’s not always easy to balance with my studies – you may know that architecture studies are very demanding!

so with a few regular tips, you’ll help me stay awake longer (coffee, my god!) and for sure it will motivate me more to know that my work is truly appreciated! thank you and enjoy the movies!

*to support her, you can leave a few (or more) dongs in the box provided every monday evening at the movie screening at yoko cafe.