tuesday, may 9th 2017. 6.30-9.30pm at Cà phê Thứ Bảy, 19b phạm ngọc thạch, district 3


as part of the French-Vietnamese Week of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, An Ordinary City is thrilled to organise the “OFF Talks: Urban Mutations”, a series of panel talks on urban planning and architecture intended to bring together local and international practitioners.

speakers will be invited to present their project before discussing, confronting their opinions, and answering the audience’s questions.



panel 1 – 6.30 pm: living heritage
around the case study of the “House for France” (a renovation project for a colonial villa that will host the French Institute) we will discuss the relevance and modalities of heritage preservation. As the metropolis intends to modernize to become a major South East Asia economic hub, what future can we envision for its past?

with: Françoise Ged – Académie d’Architecture, T3 architecture Asia, NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS, PADDI

panel 2 – 8 pm: the city is not a computer
for decades, our cities’ plans have been drawn by engineers whose technical vision happens to be often challenged by the everyday practices of millions of citizens.

at the Big Data era, the new technologies of information and communication renew the belief that technical solutions can solve social issues. But can the illusion of knowing and controlling everything promise a more desirable future for the citizens, for the city’s social and cultural characteristics, for local anchoring and identities? Can we rationalize and plan the city’s “jumble” and culture, its intrinsic spirit? How can we integrate them in future projections? In short, which (humane) future can we foresee for Ho Chi Minh City?

with: SUD’S, DE-SO, PADDI, l’Académie d’Architecture France Vietnam


talks in English and Vietnamese.

entrance is free of charge, although the audience is invited to get drinks.

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