the project


the people’s library (thư viện nhân dân – #tvnd) is an ordinary city’s new project aimed at gathering resources about city-related topics for students, professionals and anyone interested in urban studies and architecture to have access to them.

the idea of the people’s library is simple: to collect (y)our books, centralise them in one place and make them available for consultation or borrowing.

if you accept to participate and hand over some of your books, you have the choice to either donate them or leave them to an ordinary city (and thus get them back on demand).

the library will also work as a private collection only available to members (details of memberships to be developed later) to make sure your books won’t disappear in the wild.

the core interest is in city-related topics (urban studies, architecture, social sciences, engineering, economics…), however, everything can be inspirational to make a city, thus the people’s library can accept novels, comics and other types of books and in all languages (even elvish, yes).


participate: build your catalogue


the people’s library’s aim is to make the wider number of resources available to all. this needs your contribution: maybe you could help by referencing the books you would like to share with us?

if you have a smartphone or a tablet, it will be quick and easy: download the app Book Catalogue and simply scan your book’s barcode (it works with this other app Pic2shop) or enter the ISBN number. the app will search online for details.

you can create different shelves to arrange your collection and specify which books you’d rather donate or not. once you have your list of books, you can export it into a .CSV file and send it over to me.

Easy, right?

for all inquiries or remarks, email-me.