an ordinary city curates events such as film screenings and panel talks to offer people an opportunity to reflect and discuss on cities development.
in ho chi minh city, we organised:


movie nights

we choose movies that show cities – their people, architecture, souls – to offer the audience new opportunities to think about our urban condition: what it is like to live in a city, how different is it from one city to another in cultural, economic, social, legal aspects. films are of all origins and genres, although they usually belong to an “indie” repertoire.

the movie nights happened every monday evening at yoko cafe. the record of past screenings is available on the event section of our facebook page.

panel talks

we curate talks related to urban life and urban cultures to foster discussion on urban issues that are often under-mediatised.

> giving culture a central place in cities with FRES architectes – reddoor café, december 25th 2017.

> the hems archive, by the rmit hems research group – rmit university, october 27th 2017.

> reassembling transportation infrastructure in hcmc, a lecture by hun kim – coeverything, september 22nd 2017.

> saigon daily: life in the hem – yoko café, april 18th 2016.

special events

we also collaborate with other local actors in ho chi minh city and other cities where our members are based.

> helsinki – arabiankatu festival – film screening – kuusi palaa, may 13th 2018.

> hcmc – krossing over arts festival 2018: invisible cities – film screening – yoko café, april 16th 2018.

> helsinki – pajafest 2018 – film screening – kuusi palaa, april 6th 2018.

> hong kong – peng chau film festival – film screenings – wut tung sat, february 6th-10th 2018.

> hcmc – special screening – ‘Diamond Island’ in presence of director Davy Chou and film crew – hoa sen university, november 30th 2017.

> hanoi – film screening – six space, september 22nd 2017.

> hcmc – french-vietnamese week of architecture – off talks: urban mutations – ca phê thu bay, may 9th 2017.

> hcmc – out of frame festival – saigon express: life on the walls – ca phê thu bay, – october 26th 2016.